Jeff mediated a very difficult wrongful death case where I represented the parents of the deceased child.  The case had previously failed to resolve at a prior mediation with a different mediator.  Jeff did his homework and knew the facts and issues of the case prior to the mediation.  During the mediation his observations were informed and useful.  Ultimately, he was instrumental in resolving a difficult case.  I highly recommend him.
Doug Saeltzer
Walkup Melodia
Plaintiff's Attorney San Francisco
While managing AIG staff counsel offices all over California, I oversaw dozens of attorneys. Jeff always stood out in his ability to connect with clients, carriers and counsel and to efficiently resolve cases. At the outset of each case, Jeff immediately reached out to opposing counsel to introduce himself and to seek out early avenues to resolution. He facilitated the voluntary exchanges of information with an eye trained on early resolution. While some of our colleagues got bogged down in discovery battles and acrimonious proceedings, Jeff typically stayed above the fray and worked cooperatively to resolve discovery disputes and to smooth out any ruffled feathers. Jeff's ability to build relationships made him one of the most effective attorneys in our office. As a mediator, Jeff uses his ability to build and foster relationships to break through real and perceived impasses and impediments to settlement. As an in-house lawyer for a large insurance company, Jeff has seen behind the curtain and knows what information the carrier needs to evaluate and resolve cases.
Dennis Isaac
AIG Staff Counsel
Jeff and I have had a number of cases together. While we have always been adversarial to each other in cases, we have always worked together, cooperative to resolve cases. Jeff understands that in personal injury lawsuits, sometimes counsel for plaintiff and counsel for defendant have the same goal; to provide the carrier with any and all information needed to evaluate the case for potential resolution. Jeff is open to formal and informal methods for gathering such information in an efficient manner. Jeff is a skilled evaluator of cases and understands when to have difficult conversations with his clients that allow them to weigh their options in terms of trial versus mediation. Jeff and I had a very difficult case with "all or nothing" liability issues and tremendous damages. Jeff called often to openly discuss the liability issues, the likelihood of plaintiff prevailing and damages. Looking back, it seemed like a very prolonged mediation.
Mike Hale
Plaintiff's Attorney San Francisco
Jeff and I had a very difficult personal injury case together. While we were on opposing sides and very much adversarial in terms of our clients, we cooperatively communicated early and often in hopes of reaching an efficient resolution. Jeff understood the comparative negligence liability issues presented, but was not completely dismissive of the potential of Plaintiff prevailing. Coupled with his understanding of the damages, Jeff was able to make his clients understand the risks of going to trial. Over the course of many months, we continued to discuss the liability and damages issues, the likely outcome at trial and worst case scenarios for each side. From our discussions, I learned that Jeff is very persistent in his pursuit of resolution and that he is a very good analyst and evaluator of cases. More importantly, he is exceptional at building and fostering relationships that allow parties to find common ground.
Michael Greenslade
Plaintiff's Attorney Los Angeles
I mediated dozens of cases with Jeff over the years, especially during his years as in-house counsel for a large insurance carrier. Jeff is a very good defense attorney and an excellent evaluator of cases and risk.  His insurance company representative clients respect his evaluation and mediation tactics such that they were practically invisible during defense sessions. Jeff understands the importance of relationships and uses his superior people skills to develop and maintain relationships within the defense and plaintiff bars.
Michael Ney
Jeff is a Congress of the Neutrals mediator providing mediation services in Contra Costa Superior Courts. Jeff handles unlawful detainer and small claims matters pending in Contra Costa Courts in Martinez and Richmond. I have been training mediators in the Congress of the Neutrals program for years. Jeff was a very quick study and has been an excellent addition to our staff of neutrals. Small claims matters can be very difficult to resolve as there are no attorneys involved and often the relationships between the parties have been badly strained. Jeff is excellent at building rapport and trust with attorneys and unrepresented parties and working towards resolution.
Deborah Levy
Mediator and Director of The Congress of Neutrals