"The obligation of the legal professional is ... to serve as healer of human conflicts... [W]e should provide mechanisms that can produce an acceptable result in the shortest possible time, with the least possible expense and with a minimum of stress on the participants. That is justice all about."
- U.S Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger


Jeff has 20+ years of experience litigating and resolving a variety of general liability matters.  Over the course of his career, Jeff has gained invaluable insight into the litigation process, discovery and evidentiary issues and the relationships between parties and their attorneys.  As a long-standing in-house attorney for a large insurance company, Jeff knows how to effectively navigate the tripartite relationship with clients and insurance company representatives.

Jeff's areas of expertise include personal injury, landlord-tenant, property damage, contract disputes, medical/dental malpractice and construction related injuries. He offers in-person mediation as well as zoom mediation services for pre-litigation and litigated matters pending in all California counties.

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